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Does the sound of bad credit personal loans and online title loans make you cringe? Is it hard for you to wrap your mind around the idea that such loans may be exactly what you need right now? Money is tight everywhere and jobs are few and far between. If you live in Oakland, you are definitely eligible for an auto title loan. The fact is, easy-to-obtain low-risk, hassle-free car title loans allow you to keep driving your car and can be obtained quickly, with a single phone call!

Collateral Loans Based on the Title of Your Car in Oakland

To get a car title loan from Oakland Title Loans California, simply call a car title loan company. The phones are manned by expert financial consultants who expertly work up a loan plan you can pay at a slow and easy pace. You show them your car title documents (Ah! The wonders of technology) and your loan application is processed. You can make from $2600-$20,000 and the entire process takes one hour, often less, from start to finish.

How Our Car Title Loans Work

At Car Title Loans Oakland we offer secured personal loans. The loans are available in cash allowing you to use them for anything from paying medical bills or college fees to going on holiday or buying yourself a luxury item. There are no limits to what you can use our loans for making them a convenient solution for whenever you find yourself short on cash. To act as secured loans, we use your car title, hence the name car title loans or auto title loans. When you get the cash, we take over the lien of the car which we hold for the entire loan period. You will only get the lien back once you have repaid your loan in full. In addition, the loan amount you will be eligible for will be based on the market value of your car. Because these loans are secure, at Auto Title Loans Oakland we can offer you greater flexibility and convenience than you will find with other lenders.

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Have these difficult times put you in a position where your credit record is in bad shape and your employment record in worse shape? Please don’t think you’re alone in this. Applying to the bank won’t do you any good. They’ll just turn you away, after humiliating you with their background checks, as if you were a thief instead of an honest citizen fighting impossible financial odds. But car title loan companies will treat you with friendly discretion. The difference is that car title loan consultants care only that you have a valid car title document. Nothing else matters. We don’t even require a credit check during the application process. We are not concerned if you have bad credit or no credit score because we know how easy it is to ruin your credit score and we understand that this does not mean you cannot repay your debts. We welcome good credit, bad credit and no credit applicants in the same way with the same interest rate offers and same terms and conditions. You don’t even have to worry if you are unemployed! We don’t pay any attention to your employment status so come to us with a top job, no job or being self-employed and a loan can be available for you. You don’t even need the job for the income – as long as you have income from somewhere, we will be able to offer you a loan.

The Application Process

You will be pleasantly surprised how quick and simple the application process is for Auto Title Loans Oakland. You can choose the method you prefer for applying and neither involves actually having to go into the offices. You can choose between calling up and going through the application form with a consultant over the phone or going to the website and filling out the short form yourself. You will need to have information about your car handy, particularly its make, model, year and mileage. This information will then be inputted into a calculator which will determine the loan amount you can be offered. You will be approved on the spot and be given a loan offer. If this is suitable to you, you can come into our offices to complete the process. In order to do this, you must bring in the paperwork we require which will include photo ID, proof of residence in the Oakland area, proof of income, your car title and details of car insurance. With so little paperwork required it should not take long for you to get everything together. But, you must make sure that everything is valid and in your name or it won’t be acceptable to us. You can have the cash in as little as sixty minutes if we are satisfied. Just make sure that before you sign the contract and take the cash, that you have read all the fine print. We can even negotiate with you to help find a repayment schedule that suits you as well as us. That’s it. No tricks; no hidden agendas – if you have a car with a valid title in your name and you live in the Oakland area, you can apply for a personal loan with Auto Title Loans Oakland in just these few and simple steps.

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Convenience from A to Z

At Car Title Loans Oakland CA, our loans are not only convenient in terms of the requirements and who can apply. We aim for convenience from beginning to end so that your loan experience will be hassle-free and simple. We know how much everyone values their time and we offer an online loan solution, allowing you to apply from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere you have Internet. You don’t need to travel to us until you have already been approved for the loan and are ready to come and collect the cash. We only require you to provide very few documents, making it much simpler to get everything you need together. This allows the loans to be available to you very quickly. And, we will take care of all the difficult details for you. We will worry about the condition of your car and how much of it you have paid off. We can help you update your documents, including car insurance if necessary and will even help you get the lowest rates on the market. You might be worrying about how you will get around if you use your car as collateral for a loan. Well, that is no problem at all. You get to keep your car and drive it like you always do. That’s right! Even though we will become the new lienholders for the entire life of the loan, you can get the cash and keep your car. With us worrying about the details, you can take a deep breath and relax.

Low Rates from Reliable Lenders

You might be thinking that there must be a catch. Afterall, simple and fast loans that are available for everyone don’t seem possible. But, they are possible and the even better news is that there is no catch. Car Title Loans Oakland CA is 100% certified and legal to offer personal loans. Our professional team of financial consultants offers a discreet and confidential service that is reliable and safe. And, we offer low rates. In fact, we can match the rates of our competitors, making us an increasingly popular loan solution for all applicants.

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